Our 3 finalists are:

Anastasia Earhart                                   Heath Hilliker                                       Dan Woodruff









The Midtown Raleigh Alliance (MRA) is a tax-exempt non-profit community organization. One of the mission goals of the organization is to enhance Midtown’s community appeal for residents and businesses and create an irresistible destination for visitors. As such the organization has focused on bringing more types of art to areas of Midtown. Several installations and exhibits exist currently in Midtown, interactive and passive – with more planned for the Wake Forest Road as part of new development projects.


The MRA and Capital Bank are sponsoring the First Annual Midtown Banner Art Contest. The MRA currently places banners in 26 locations of Midtown along St. Albans Road, Wake Forest Road and Six Forks Road. Our current design is a simple graphic with the words Midtown Raleigh diagonally across a multi-colored background. Upon the completion of the Banner Art Contest, the winning design will be printed on banners and hung in place of the current banners. The contest winner will be awarded a cash prize of $1000. This same type of banner art contest was done about 10 years ago along Blount Street by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance.


Right-of-Way (ROW) requirements restrict the use any sponsor logos on signs hung in the city owned right-of-way, therefore only the design and the words “2019 Midtown Raleigh Banner Art” will appear on the banner,


Design Theme:


Midtown Raleigh was created after the re-visioning of large areas around the 440/Six Forks Road interchange known as North Hills. Over the past twenty years the success of this and other projects has given new life to a dense, walk-able, vibrant, and innovative community of businesses, neighborhoods, parks, schools, and churches. This area also boasts world-class healthcare from Duke Raleigh and unique retail and dining brands. Midtown offers a lot – it also inspires a lot.


Three selected finalists will use their design to complete the sentence


            “Midtown Inspires ______________”.



Submittal Instructions:


First, artists need to submit no more than five (5) samples of their work that reflect the artist’s style.

Next, there is a $10 submittal fee per artist. To make the submission, first visit the payment page here, and then send your art samples to Emily Holton at the email below. Payment can also be made thru Paypal, the email address to pay is


When submitting examples artists should consider that reviewers will be looking for samples of work that would adapt well to visibility from a 13’ high pole. These banners will never be seen ‘UP CLOSE’. Graphic file types accepted: jpg, pdf. png., (no ai files please)


Please email samples files to Emily Holton at

Include your name, address and a good contact number.


Sample submission deadline is March 4th. Finalists will be notified by March 12th and announced at the Kickoff event March 14th. Selected finalists will submit their contest entry by April 5th. Winning artist will be notified by April 9th. Design will be sent to production, printed on banners and installed on Midtown Pole locations. Our target date for banner installation is the first week of May.




The banners are produced on heavy-duty vinyl with a slightly shiny surface. As per Duke Power requirements for wind-load, there will be four (4) half- moon shaped slits in the banner itself. The banners that hang have 29” x 60” total visible space. The design will be placed at the upper portion of the banner taking up 29” x 50”, leaving the bottom 10” for verbiage identifying the banner as part of the 2019 Midtown Banner Art Contest.  See below:






















For a PDF version click here.









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