Creative Crosswalk St. Albans Dr
Midtown Arts Team

Nothing brings a community together like pride in their surroundings. Art not only delivers a medium for freedom of expression - it does so much more. It softens a hardscape, it can bring depth and dimension to surfaces, and it can tell a story. 

In 2015 the Alliance reached out to the greater Midtown community to help build our team and quickly found interested artists, museum employees, and art enthusiasts to help guide our vision. We undertook the effort of developing a 5-year Art Plan, starting small, gaining knowledge, and credibility within the Raleigh Art community. Utilizing partnerships created along the way, our projects include a pair of crosswalk art projects designed and applied by local artists in two high visibility areas of Midtown; one in the North Hills areas on Lassiter Mill Road; and one just north of the Duke Raleigh Hospital campus at St. Albans and Executive Drive. The Crosswalk designs of Dink Densmore and Lauri Arntsen can be seen by clicking on their names. 

Looking down the road to a larger more encompassing project, the team began to research sculptures that could be painted with different artists expression in various locations around Midtown. Each location would dictate the theme for the artist's inspiration. The sculpture itself would symbolize the role that Midtown plays as part of the City of Oaks, namely that Midtown was one of Raleigh's oak leaves. As such we are currently working with a fabricator to finalize the design, and create the sculptures while we reach out to corporate sponsors to help us determine the locations of the placements. It is our goal to have four leaf sculptures in Midtown by the end of 2017, each sharing a local artist's expression of what 'inspires' them about Midtown. 

Although still in the conversational stages, the team feel strongly that Midtown Raleigh needs an iconic art structure that will show the 'face' of Midtown to folks all over social media -- and be a 'selfie magnet'. Ideas continue to flow among team members about what form this will take, and of course we'd love to hear YOUR IDEAs. Feel free to shoot us your thoughts - click here.