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Dan Woodruff
Anastasia Earhart
Heath Hilliker

When creating my art for the Midtown Raleigh Alliance contest, I thought about what inspires me about Midtown. First and foremost, it's my home. I live here, I shop here, my family and I play here, I relax here, my kids learn here. In creating my piece, I wanted to think about all those things and how the development of the area has become such an inspiring place: Midtown makes you want to get out and go to that concert, grab a drink at that restaurant, pick up a new dress, grab some extra fresh fruit on the way home from work, even stop and get some new art supplies! I think it's a fun, lively, happy area of town. Midtown is my home and I am thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant community. So for me, Midtown inspires happiness.

This painting is about life, energy, playfulness, and community. Midtown is a celebration of all of these things. The colors are bright and zingy. The shapes come together to form one community made up of unique and colorful parts. Midtown is alive and thriving, and that is the feeling I tapped into while creating this artwork. Midtown inspires vibrance!

While developing my concept I explored all Midtown has to offer and discovered it truly has something for everyone. My design brings to life the idea that each one of us can find something in Midtown that will entertain, inspire and delight. I used bold graphics and fun illustrations to capture the energy that inspires me and all who visit Midtown. 

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