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The Midtown Story

From Humble Beginnings

To some people, Midtown is synonymous with North Hills, and while Midtown encompasses much more now, it certainly had its roots in North Hills. The photo on the left shows the shopping center in the 60s. Soon the Woolworth would come and the Cardinal Theatre, the JC Penney's and the Scotties hot dogs. The area thrived for decades, but with investment moving to other areas, the shopping center fell into disrepair and stores left. The mid-1990s saw the beginnings of the re-visioning process that would culminate in what is now North Hills and the epicenter of Midtown Raleigh.


During the late 2000’s many community stakeholders were coming forward with a vested interest in the future (and present) of Midtown. Duke Raleigh Hospital was rebranding and expanding, First Citizens was locating their 3 building campus on Six Forks and large employers were now relocating to Midtown. Similar messages and concerns were resonating, but not in a cohesive manner.  These stakeholders did what leaders naturally do; they reached out, started talking and knew that in the end their collective results would be much greater than their individual ones.  Thus Midtown Raleigh Alliance was born in the spring of 2011.


The mission of the organization is simple and strategic.  The Alliance promotes the Midtown brand and Midtown as a destination for economic development.  The Alliance brings together stakeholders and creates a meaningful forum for quality of life issues and solution exploration.  The Alliance advocates for the needs of Midtown before the city, county and other governmental bodies.  The Alliance provides social and networking opportunities for members to foster strong and meaningful relationships.

The Appeal and Staying  Power of Midtown

Midtown Raleigh is unique with long established neighborhoods, a deep sense of community, a thriving mix of businesses, schools, churches, parks and open space and a vibrant 24/7 urban center with over 100 acres of walkable amenities.

The area within a 2-mile radius surrounding North Hills has become a hub of commercial and residential activity in Raleigh, distinctive in character and location, with its own sense of place. 

Having a midtown center of density is a marker for a successful city, and Midtown Raleigh is becoming a national model for sustainable living.


Our Focus - Our Future
DSC_0232 (Small).jpg

With strong employers like First Citizens, Duke Raleigh Hospital, Waste Industries, Costco, Smith Debnam, Bank of America and many others calling Midtown home, the workforce is solid and the future looks bright.

Savvy professionals demand a environment fitting to their healthy lifestyle and pursuits. Midtown complements its employment offerings with a high quality of living that appeals to families, singles and empty-nesters alike.

Staying ahead of challenges requires active engagement in planning for the future of Midtown. From moving people around and through Midtown, to keeping people safe, helping schools thrive and economic opportunity available, the Alliance is that voice and that connection. 


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