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Where it All Comes Together

A place to embrace your healthy life-style.

A thriving diverse business district. 

World class dining, hospitality and retail with abounding culture.

Wanna know who lives in Midtown? What they earn, where they shop and how educated they are?

How about housing costs and nearby conveniences?

To get a better handle on Midtown, download our demographics brochure below. 

Brands - all  your favorites

There's no denying that Midtown offers many of our favorite brands. Find out for yourself what makes Midtown retail second to none.

Music Life


Midtown Park hosts Friday Night Tribute bands as well as Sunday Blue Grass concerts. Add in the Beach Music Series and you have the perfect venues and variety for most music palettes. The Beach Music series on thursday nights features Shag dancing, a time-honored tradition in the South. - See more. 

Visual Arts

The visual arts cause us to stop, reflect and get inspired. They also can soften a hardscape and tell a story. Midtown continues to enhance its presence of art. From architectural elements and pole banners, to murals, ceiling displays and interactive installations, the vibrancy of Midtown's footprint is growing. 

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The Art Box at North Hills

Outdoor Life

There's something for all nature lovers from greenways, playgrounds, ponds, soccer fields and golf courses. Midtown's cycling friendly road markings make riders comfortable to leave the car at home. Check out what Raleigh's parks have to offer in Midtown.

Healthy Life

From Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses to virtual yoga, Duke Raleigh Hospital is staying engaged with the community during the pandemic. 

Look for upcoming events here.

Wednesday Wellness

The Wellness Wednesdays Series consists of FREE fitness opportunities made up of two sessions in the Spring and Fall. They take place on the grass lawn of Midtown Park on Wednesday evenings. - See more about Wellness Wednesdays.

Shopping, Dining and more
Midtown is unsurpassed in it's offerings of concentrated dining and retail appeal. From the elegance of the Capital Grille and Coquette, to the healthy options of B.Good and Grab-a-Green and everything in between. From Costco and Trader Joes to a thriving Farmers Market, finding what you are looking for to fill your fridge has never been easier. filled with places to dine, shop and play with a huge variety to match any style or palette.
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