Identifying Midtown - Graphically

Alliance leaders decided a few years back that the best answer to the "am I in Midtown?" question, was to establish a graphic identity for growing urban center. Since then the Alliance has worked with city officials to allow for colorful artistic banners to line the main thoroughfares in Midtown, identifying the thriving business district to residents and visitors. No such policy existed for areas that were not already special tax districts, so MRA staff and community partners paved the way for other areas to allow for bannering of certain streetscapes. 

Banners in other cities create a sense of place, establish a destination and can also soften a hardscape if placed in appropriate areas. To the left is the banner that is now up on Midtown's main streets.

The MRA hopes to be able to work with local artists in the community to display original local art on the banners after the initial destination banners have been changed out. We will be working in partnership with the Visual Arts Exchange on an 'artists call' for these purposes.

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