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Midtown  Planning 


Walkable Midtown Plan

After a year of public input, consultant and staff meetings and design discussions, City Council

voted unanimously to adopt the plan in December 2020. The plan’s policy guidance for how

new housing and jobs can be accommodated in a walkable way is now in place. The next step

is identifying funding for specific capital projects that will implement the plan’s vision for a more

walkable and connected Midtown. The report includes the overarching theme that encompasses seven big steps toward realizing a more walkable and livable Midtown Raleigh. To see the report's executive Summary click here. 

The Major components include: 

  • Crossing the belt-line - the plan includes two new crossings, one multi-modal/vehicular and one pedestrian/cycling;

  • Creation of 'green streets' providing safer experiences for pedestrians, slower vehicle speeds on wider roads; better storm water diversions and a more green feel;

  • Creation of a street grid, allowing at times to move traffic to less congested routes with the ultimate goal of keeping traffic moving;

  • A long term transit approach including better and more reliable connections to downtown, NC State and other popular destinations, plus pursuing BRT in the Midtown service area;

  • Creation of a Midtown Ring, a complete loop of greenways, green streets, separated bike lanes and paths that connects every major destination in the area with each other and the residential neighborhoods nearby;

  • Exploration, design and ultimate creation of a Midtown Waterfront District including crossings of the Crabtree creek, an activated park area creating an urban destination for midtowners and visitors; and

  • Respectful placement of new mixed-use developments near walkable, transit-friendly locations. 


Full plan details

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Six Forks Road Improvements Plan

On June 5, 2018 at the evening session of City Council, the Six

Forks Road Improvements plan was unanimously adopted by

council. During a required public hearing, representatives from

the public and from MRA spoke in support of the plan and

council members voted shortly thereafter 8-0 to adopt the

transformative corridor plan.

The Six Forks Road Improvement Project is a result of a corridor study that also helped to guide the design concepts that we are proposing.

Project highlights include:
  • Widening road to accommodate three lanes of travel in each direction with a planted median;

  • Separated bike lane and sidewalks on each side of the road;

  • Signal improvements and protected intersections for cyclists and pedestrians;

  • Transit stops;

  • Green stormwater infrastructure;

  • Landscaping and other amenities.

For the full background on the study, visit here

Public Art coming to Six Forks

This project will include public art. Carrie Gault, the public artist selected for this project, will work with the community to create art that represents the area and the people that live, work, and play along Six Forks Road. Check out this video to meet Carrie and see some design concepts. If you'd like to share input and find out about upcoming public meetings visit the Six Forks Public Art page.

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