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Program Schedule and Descriptions

We have tried to be sensitive to the time commitment of the program and scheduled all sessions over the lunch hour, unless otherwise noted. Participants will arrive at 11:30 and be released at or before 1:00pm. Lunches will be provided during these sessions.

I. The Seeds of Midtown – A Conversation with the North Hills Visionary

August 3, 2023

John Kane will share his journey of re-imagining the NH site and what he learned along with way, sharing pearls of wisdom and pitfalls encountered, also how this impacted his future projects. He will also share insights on the changing landscape of real estate development and community engagement.

II. Maximizing your Marketability – Selling Yourself like a Boss


September 13, 2023

Your parents printed out resumes and mailed them, over and over and over, hoping to get a bite, a nibble even. Now, it’s all about the right keywords, tags and # of posts, enough charitable work and on and on … The importance of your online presence cannot be overstated. We will navigate the valuable SM accounts and how to maximize them to get noticed. You’ll also leave this session with another critical marketing tool - a professional headshot from Jennifer Robertson Photography #TheHeadShotQueen

III. Our Thriving Hospitality Ecosystem – It’s not just a Hotel, Concert or Hockey game


October 4, 2023

Knowing your market means knowing what drives it and why. Denny Edwards, CEO of the Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Center, shares why folks come, where they stay, play and eat and why our city is dependent on it. Carolina Hurricanes front office representatives Mike Forman and Emile Hartman will share impacts and future implications of NHL hockey in Raleigh.

IV. Life-long Learning – Finding, Evaluating and Pursuing new Skills and Education


November 8, 2023

Wake County is home to a treasure trove of online and F2F professional education providers, but which ones deliver the most bang for your buck? Should you expect your employer to invest in your ongoing development? This session sits you down with leaders from Wake Tech, Campbell Law School and NC State to learn the scope of offerings and get all your questions answered.

V. MRA & Emerging Midtown Holiday Party


December 5, 2023 @ 5:00 PM

The only job you have this evening is to enjoy yourself, work the room a little and share some holiday cheer. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres served.

VI. The Young and Invested – From Coins to Crypto, Making ‘cents’ of Investing for the Future


January 10, 2024

The younger generation isn’t alone when it comes to questions about money management and investment strategies. This program will explain how investing has changed (and stayed the same) over time, with experts sharing real world scenarios and advice to create and grow a nest egg. Get your questions answered about everything from Robin Hood to IRAs.

VII. Media Savvy – It Doesn’t Always Come Naturally…


February 7, 2024

This session will not only deliver tips and tricks for looking and sounding your best, but insights into what makes it on and off the record. Join Former WRAL reporter and owner of Stage Might Communications Amanda Lamb and Raleigh Magazine Publisher Gina Stephens for this essential skill-building session. After spending 90 minutes with them, you’ll be nailing the interview and looking marvelous doing it.

VIII. First Time Home Buying – “Invest in Real Estate, they aren’t making any more of it”


March 13, 2024

Be flexible, be persistent, be realistic. Learn from the experts how to differentiate needs from wants, determine your affordable price range, evaluate locations, navigate lenders and prepare for homeownership.

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