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How 2016 Pumpkin Palooza Donation Helped Duke Children's

Ever wonder where your donation dollars are allocated? Well, Duke Children's Wake County let Midtown Raleigh Alliance know what projects our donation from the 2016 Pumpkin Palooza proceeds helped fund.

Tablet-based Teen Health Engagement and Education at Duke Adolescent Medicine at Brier Creek. - iPad tablets for teen patients to view in the waiting room.

Dust Mite Busters at Duke Children's Specialty Services of Raleigh. - Dust mite proof pillow and mattress covers will be purchased for low-income families with dust mite allergic children.

Enhancement of Patient Care at Duke Children's Primary Care at Brier Creek. - The Duke Children's Primary Care Clinic in Brier Creek opened in July 2016 and this project puts magnetic play boards in exam rooms to create a fun, positive environment.

To learn more about Duke Children's visit here.

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