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Have you ridden North Hills' new shuttle yet?

The shuttle is the culmination of years of Kane Realty leadership studying cost effective options to provide mobility assistance throughout North Hills. While right now the service may seem more like a novelty, the long-term goal is to provide businesses as well as visitors alternatives to getting in their cars to get around the service area. The loop time is <15 minutes and future route expansions are possible, but not without additional vehicles. These unique vehicles can cost roughly $200k, and ordering times come with a year delivery wait. You've probably seen the white shuttle pictured below in the Main, Park or Lassiter Districts making pick ups. The 24 seat capacity fully ADA-compliant vehicle is just one of the North Hills free shuttle fleet vehicles (pictures below).

For questions, comments or suggestions about the service, please contact Stacey Buescher at

Inside of the new shuttle

North Hills' free shuttles
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