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On the Ballot - A BIG Parks Bond & City Council

The Raleigh City Council is putting the finishing touches on a parks and recreation bond package for the ballot in November. As expected, a hefty portion of the bond’s price tag will be focused on executing the Dix Park masterplan components. In addition, there are projects in each city district and greenway connections that will expand access to the existing 118 miles of city greenway. The bond is the largest ever requested of the voters and is by no means a slam dunk. The $275-$300 million investment will bump the average property tax bill by roughly $100. In a year with runaway inflation, $4.50/gallon gas prices and a looming recession, voters will may simply not be comfortable with this additional burden. To be fair, voters have always supported the quality-of-life amenities the city delivers thru these bonds, so councilors are cautiously optimistic.


o Sertoma Art Center Improvements, $16.9 million

o Leonard Property Master Plan and Implementation, $13.5 million

o Kyle Drive Master Plan and Implementation, $9 million

o John Chavis Historic Park Phase 2 (Aquatic Center and Heritage Plaza,) $56.3 million

o South Park Heritage Walk and Top Greene Center Improvements, $12.4 million

o Biltmore Hills Tennis Improvements, $6.8 million

o Dix Park: Play Plaza, $35 million

o Dix Park: Basic Office and Operations Building Upfit, $1.7 million

o Dix Park Phase 2 Preliminary Design: Creek, Landbridge, Landfill and Historic Entry, $3.4 million Dix Park: Full Office and Operations Building Upfit, Partnerships Opportunities, $5.1 million

o Lake Wheeler Road and Multi-use Path Improvements, $21 million

o Method Community Center Improvements, $15.8 million

o Erinsbrook Park Implementation, $9 million

o Neighborhood & Community Connections and P3 (public-private partnerships) all, $ 6.8 million Mine Creek Greenway Improvements, $5.6 million

o Marsh Creek Greenway Feasibility and Preliminary Design, $3.4 million

o Walnut Creek Greenway Improvements, $12.4 million

o Strickland and Leesville Rd Park Improvements, $4.5 million

o Big Branch Greenway Connector, $4.5 million

o Green Road Park Improvements, $4.5 million

o Tarboro Community Center, $31.5 million

o Devereux Meadows Implementation, $18 million

o Lake Lynn Trail Loop, $3.9 million