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STIR Adds Two More Barrels to Private Label Collection

STIR is excited to introduce Raleigh to two more privately selected barrels: Woodford Reserve and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.

The STIR team worked diligently through the barrel selection process and tasting experiences to now welcome the additional two barrels to a total offering of three privately selected barrels for on-site enjoyment. The first private barrel was a signature and custom aged Don Julio Reposado in 2022. STIR was the state’s first on-premise restaurant to select and receive a Don Julio private barrel.

The flavor profile of the Woodford barrel is soft and smooth with notes of oak mild chocolate, pecans and light hint of malty sweetness. That of the Elijah Craig barrel is exceptionally balanced with notes of dark spice, vanilla and caramel. Even at a higher proof, the finish of this private selection drinks like a lower ABV bourbon, full of the classic Elijah Craig notes of candy, oak and a variety of spices.

"This is extremely exciting for us and for the Raleigh market," said Becky Hammond, Managing Director at SquareOne Holding. "We continue to build our relationships with the world’s best distilleries, which allows us to offer our guests unique and rare bourbons and spirits not found elsewhere. In addition to the 350 different brands we carry on our shelves, our private barrel selections add to an elevated dining experience, only found at STIR."

STIR is located at 4242 Six Forks Road Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27609. Connect with STIR on Instagram and Facebook.


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