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Welcome New MRA Members!

Welcome MRA's newest members!

First Bank: Since 1935, First Bank has taken a tailored approach to banking, combining best-in-class financial solutions, helpful local expertise, and technology to manage a home or business. Headquartered in North Carolina and serving the entire Carolinas with over 100 branches, First Bank believes our customers are meant to achieve financial independence, to prosper, and to pursue the passions that drive their dreams. We meet your passion with award-winning financial solutions and support from local teams. We give you the individual attention you deserve and empower you to reach your financial goals. It’s uncompromising excellence in a remarkably personal package.

Gabi's: Gabi's mission is to EMPOWER the SPECIAL ABILITIES COMMUNITY to find their place in the world and ENJOY FULFILLMENT in everything they do. They promote equal access to persons with disabilities in their workplace. Gabi's creates market value that includes everyone in an enriched community while providing great coffee and a unique customer service experience.

BOBBIT: For 77 years, corporations, municipalities, nonprofits and all types of businesses and organizations have trusted Bobbitt to design and construct high-quality commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Their capabilities span across the entire construction process from architectural design from Bobbitt A&E to commercial construction and general contracting services from Bobbitt.

Vitis House Wine School: Vitis House has an incredible PASSION for what they do, with the sole purpose of creating memorable experiences for you.​ By studying the art of wine, you become more aware of your senses, you become more passionate, and most importantly, you become a wine lover who doesn’t drink wine, you become a connoisseur who “lives” the wine. Check out their courses and programs for a unique experience!


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