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WakeUP Car Free September 22nd

Join WakeUP Wake County in celebrating World Car Free Day on September 22.

As our communities continue to develop around cars, this is a great chance to see what it would take to go a full day without a car.

World Car Free Day started in 2000 and has been working to build awareness of our dependence on cars and the consequences that has to our environment. The hope for this year is that Car Free Day will highlight how car-oriented development has negatively impacted our community and environment in terms of air pollution and access to resources, but also how intentional long-term strategic land-use planning can start to right those wrongs.

WakeUP is working to make going car free easier for lower-income individuals, our elderly community, and people with physical handicaps that limit mobility by promoting good growth planning and sustainable, healthy communities through education, advocacy and civic engagement, advancing a higher quality of life for all.

Car free day has many benefits:

  • Great for community: Walking or taking public transportation can allow you to connect with other people in your community.

  • Reduced inequity: Expenses, location, age and physical ability make cars inaccessible for many.

  • Safer roads: Fewer cars on the roads means less accidents, making communities more walkable and bikeable.

  • Reduced air pollution: Cars are one of the top causes of air pollution: fewer cars on the road, means a decrease in air pollution.

  • Frees up time: By using public transit, people can focus their attention on those around them, work, or just taking a break, rather than driving.

  • Raises awareness: Car Free Day shows people alternatives to driving, but also raises awareness for those that car mobility isn’t an option (i.e. low-income, elderly, and those with disabilities). By noting where car-free driving is difficult, residents and city planners get a chance to see where safe mobility access is still needed.

How can you participate?

  • Leave your car parked the entire day. It may not be easy, but the goal for Car Free Day is to see if you can go the whole day without using a car. How much of your day can you do without a car?

  • Spread awareness. Engage others in these efforts by partnering with neighbors, schools, coworkers, and friends by walking, biking, or bussing together. Creating a community is part of the benefits of non-car mobility.

  • Explore alternative mobility options. You may have to be creative (skateboard, scooter, roller skates?) and do some planning, but Car Free Day is a great way to see what is available in your area.

Learn more about Car Free Day and how you can participate here.


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