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Learn more about our newest members as we welcome them to MRA!

MARBLELIFE: MARBLELIFE® is the world leader in marble restoration and polishing for Raleigh and surrounding area. MARBLELIFE® was launched more than 30 years ago to provide marble restoration services. Today, MARBLELIFE® provides marble restoration, granite restoration, terrazzo restoration, limestone restoration, travertine restoration & tile and grout restoration services throughout North America and around the world. Today, MARBLELIFE® does more marble floor polishing than any other company in the world.

Ancillary Fermentation: Ancillary* Fermentation started in 2018 as a pop-up fermentation experience centered on the idea that beer should be more experimental, more experiential, and way more fun. After a couple of years in COVID driven seclusion, Ancillary* Fermentation resurfaced and created The Branch, its first permanent physical location out of a defunct bank. A unique gathering space for all lovers of beer and people in the neighboring Midtown Raleigh community, The Branch pays homage to the original goal of serving unique beer in unexpected places by preserving the feel of the banking tenants before us.

YourHouseTV: YourHouseTV is a streaming TV channel dedicated to anything real estate in each municipality we operate in. YourHouseTV is also part of the ABAGALE Network which broadcasts YourHouseTV on Roku. With access to over 70 million viewers nationally and locally, YourHouseTV is building a platform for listings, realtors, developers, real estate services and vendors. With video-level understanding, reach people in the right moment and mindset...every time!


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